Why do schools block games when students can simply use data?

Schools block games when students can simply use data

Game Design Lecturer
Masters in Information TechnologyUniversity of Pretoria

I am a game design lecturer, so students can request games that need to be unblocked if there is a good educational purpose behind them!

For example, Steam will be unblocked on your campus, but private online servers will still be blocked (unless I explicitly ask you to unblock them).

The main reason for blocking certain games/sites is a liability. If a student uses their own data to surf or plays violent games, the school/university will not be liable. They are responsible if they use the school/university network.

Trying to prevent students from playing games on campus or in the classroom is actually a losing battle. If you are one of my students, I do not pay enough attention to your education, I do not have a problem when I give lectures. (I mean it and I will try and stop as much as possible, but only what I can. It is the student's responsibility to learn at the end of the day).

So they can prevent children from playing violent flash games on their computers, but there were a lot of unblocked game sites in the 2000s that were run until anyone knew about proxy sites and were used to teaching them, then they blocked the PC, apparently always the worst. Some old donkeys like Macintosh or some HP Optiplex are running Windows 7 and when it is not done properly, some people will find that it constantly leaves its course or atmosphere like fights and doing drugs in the bathroom or course. It's very easy for a child to do - MB HS Dropout

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