How do you unblock games on a Chromebook?

Unblock games on a Chromebook

You put them in jail. To do this, hold Escape + Refresh + Power for three seconds. This will open the Chrome OS Recovery page, which should have an image of the USB stick. From there press Control + D, which opens the Developer Mode screen.

Press Enter on this screen, and your Chromebook will be removed from all plugins. Most schools use plugins that securely block sites and capture screen data and should be removed at this time. From here, restart Chromebook and start OS verification by tapping the space on the screen when you say "OS authentication is off". Restart the Chromebook and proceed with the setup, which will automatically connect to the school setup menu. Login normally without plugins without blocking sites. Please note that this may not work if you use your school's network-based blocks, and some sites, such as YouTube, may be blocked by the Chromebook default school settings.

Edit: Many users have commented that this does not work for them, I have tried it on the Acer model which is successful in school management. As with jailbreaking any device, it also comes with risks so please make sure you know the features of your device and how to do a factory reset in case of a problem.

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