Top 5 unblocked games for school February 11, 2021


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Top 5 unblocked games for school- 2021

1.Snake  unblocked Games

Snake is a simple game that many people play if you don't know what it is snake is a classic game that has had a few changes to make it cooler modern and way better the aim of the game is to eat as many apples as you can but if you hit yourself or hit a wall you die or lose.


after last year's update they have had many changes and now there are different game modes you can change the color of your snake and there are many other things that you can eat different fruits instead of piles and it is very very fun because the game modes like the one you go twice the speed or blocks to spawn anywhere so you don't know when a block is going to spawn in front of you which makes the game more unique and more fun in a really weird style but yeah my favorite game made is personally the gamer you never die.


I think you can go out to 253 apples and you can show that to your friends and pretend you never cheated it's hard to block this game because it is an official google game and it is very unique and i don't think teachers will know about this but if you don't have a very clever admin teacher like the one who blocks games it's very hard to block this game so yeah if you like the style of this game you.

should check it out, Games Link

Snake Game is 

* For start game press Spacebar. 

* Control the snake using Arrow Keys.

🐍 Do you like snakes? 🐍

 2. Red bull four unblocked Games

Red bull is an excellent game to pass your time with it can be fun and challenging depending on the levels so if you're high in levels it gets your brain more like working. and it's more difficult in this game you basically need to complete levels as a red rolling ball and there are different obstacles and objects you might need to use there are many of them.


so I'm not going to list them you just need to get your brain working and you'll complete the level sometimes it is difficult and it does take time and but you'll eventually get there the

the story behind this is there's a square ball who's evil he's turning everyone else into square balls yeah square ball doesn't make much sense but yes it is and he's got, evil minions.


there's this red bull who wants to save everyone this game also has earlier versions one two and three this is number four that's why it's red bull four I'll link them down in the description the other ones as well so you can play with them whenever you complete the fourth one and you've got time guaranteed so now getting Link

3. Slope Games

They really good games at number three. it's slope about this game because in last year's top five unblock games at schools it was first on the list and then further on in the year it was it went down a bit and it got off the list but now it's back on the list because the other games just get boring after a while but this one doesn't it's an awesome game personally.


I would put it second this time but i know you guys will enjoy the one I bought second more than this one so the slope is a game where you go down a slope that's why it's called slope and you just you can't hit a red square you can only touch the green beats or you can't fall down the side the more you go down the faster you go down unless you just there's like a little bump that slows you down normally and that's what you have to aim for when you go down to get a high score try beating a hundred trust me it's really really hard because normally it just goes faster and faster and it just doesn't slow down any a bit so the hardest bits is probably the ones without the bump up because that just carries on your speed and makes the momentum faster and faster.



so, I would suggest trying and slowing and practicing a lot because it is very difficult it's fun to challenge your friends with it's like the best game I got the highest score in my school whole school but it took like two weeks so if you know you'll enjoy it check it out because it's a sick game so now getting into the incredible stuff we've got Cronkite.

4. Shooter game

last year I mean in my last video it was first but it got put down because I found a better game but it's a really good game I bet you'll enjoy it you can customize your guns in the lobby so if you want to be a sniper man you can only use a sniper and a pistol and if you just want to be an are a guy which is a normal dude like the default thing.


 I think you can only use an are and a pistol there are different maps there are different game modes my personal favorite map is probably nuketown because it brings memories to the new town from call of duty it's basically exactly the same but the downside of the game is probably the polygon shape some people might like it because it looks a lot like minecrafter with pistols and guns it's very very fun you can play with friends and do all sorts of stuff like.


most of the maps are very interesting and I bet you'll enjoy it a lot because it's Avery sick game depending on where you are you might find a bit of lag or in some schools the computers might be crappy but overall it is an awesome game so I suggest you check it out 

5. God of games

The last one now what you've all been waiting for the god of games the god of the unblocked games the god of the browser games. It's on verge of io the best shooter game on a browser I've ever seen like it is similar to my last one but it's way cooler the graphics are sick everything.


looks so nice like the maps are insane the characters you can pick up like use they are awesome and the guns look really good like if you see on my gameplay they look incredibly good you can normally use four guns and you've also got a power you can unlock after you kill a certain amount of people or if you're playing like capture the flag kind of stuff where you have to stay around the flag.


I think you just have to stay there for a few seconds like 20 seconds but yes I bet you'll enjoy this game a lot because you can play

with friends as well you can invite them to your lobby and this is the game everyone would be waiting for if you were in a school to play with everyone so you can basically have a competitive match in school without the teachers yeah the problem with it try not to get caught with this game. otherwise, you're going to ruin it for everyone but yeah there's like leaderboards there's like the shop you can use you can create an account as well and there's like in the settings you can change like your stuff like key binds uh sensitivity i think it's fine the way it is maybe you might want to change a few key lines you can even change the audio also you can change the character there's I think three to choose from this ninja guy a girl and this like the monster guy I like the monster-like he's my favorite and you can also pick the guns that are smog shotgun and sniper and scar is the best looking sorry uh I didn't use the scar much in

the gameplay because I just forgot to use it I was using the other gun to showcase but I only used this a bit I think but yeah the sniper is actually it feels really satisfying when you kill someone with it because it's not that hard but it is just it's just great you just have to try the game out for yourself if you'll love it .like there is like a high chance they'll block it

because of course, they find you with this it's obvious it's a cool gate and just try not to get caught with this otherwise you're going to ruin the whole thing yes this is the best ever top-five rock games game I've seen so hopefully, you enjoyed the game.

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