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The squat can be a little boring sometimes. Yep, I'm over here, so whenever we've got the chance, we are trying to play games in school, but most of the time, they're blocked, so today, I'll be showing you the top 5 unblocked games for school.

1.Minecraft Rip off-classicube

Minecraft it's a fake version unblocked game, but I mean, you can build and do whatever you want. It's a free world, and you only get a certain amount of materials, but the good thing is you can still swim underwater you can break trees you can break the floor, do whatever you want, create whatever you want, but a terrible thing about it is that you can't play with friends, so it's not as fun.

when you can't play with your friends, especially Minecraft so if you want you can make your world you can make it whatever size you want, and you got two options to make it flat grass or vanilla is like a mix you've got water and bland and the other one is just flatland to build whatever you want so anything you can do you can still, break the floor in that and build anything, so it's cool next that

We've got a; it's basically like paper Dario, but you do hexagons. That's why it's get it exa, so you have to make a massive circle and bead-like the biggest one to get on the leaderboard as you can see there will be a leaderboard, and it also tells you your score if you're not able to see the leaderboard

but it's quite obvious to see where the leaderboard is, so it also tells you how much of the map are your bone and how many blocks you own and also your kills yes you can kill like paper door io the normal ones you need to when someone's going just cut their line, and they'll instantly die so you can't pick your color on that if you play online you can make your account in that and make your name but if you paint online your name will automatically be egg, and your color will be whatever they want, so that's the thing I don't like I don't know about you guys if you like it or not so comment down below if you do or do not so I'm there are like these powerups that make you go

faster they're like little green circles they move all around the map, and they make you go fast, so they're perfect because you move slowly in the game, so if you get one of those you'll move quickly in you go a hundred and fifty times faster for like a few seconds, and the more you get, the faster you'll go at once or the longer the powerup will last so I guess it's a perfect game and it's fun so now getting better

3.Johnny upgrade

At number three is Johnny upgrade at the start it's very boring to trust me because you can only move for a few seconds because you go really slowly and you got a certain amount of time it's only one level because you have to upgrade you the time you have to boost your speed to go faster and that because it's tough to like complete, it takes C quite a while because you yo either run out of time you might not be able to jump as high to get other places so yeah.

It's one cool level unblocked game, so I mean it's exciting. The more coins you get, the more upgrades you'll be able to do, so you'll get more lives to jump higher, get more time, and get other promotions in the game. There are spikes, robots, and other things that can kill you, so it's not just the time that just for school.

stops you have to be careful and yeah one time you will get this gun then you can be able to kill the monsters with so that it is a good thing overall the game is very very interesting and unique, so I mean I no one else has thought of a game like this, so it's the unique thing I've ever seen so that's cool I suggest you try it


Now getting into the good stuff we got slope. the slope has been in a few of just cuz it's a fantastic unblocked game for school .it's just unblocked you can play it anywhere and yeah you can even get it on mobile.

but I mean we're talking about the top 5 and block into schools so for this one I is just like you you go down a slope like a name indicates and you have to get as low down as you can there's never an end that's very interesting so the more like thingies you jump the more points you'll get and there are boosts that our leaderboard so you can try and get on the leaderboard it's quite hard I've been in it but you have to register

so I'm actually not any but I would have been because my high score is actually 96 lets's see if you guys can beat it comment down below if you have so overall this game is very epic it's even a few of my videos last time I did one of those this was number one but this time it's not so it's gone down a rank but it's still a good game before we get to the number one spot if you could just

5.Rush team

Rush team, it's a shooter game this time yep a shooter game they're tough to get because normally they're blocked that this one is not you can register in the game, which is weird, but I mean you get more options you can do more things this game can be quite laggy depending on where you are you can select your region in the bird I mean you can get different maps you can play with friends because it's an online game and every time you die you respawn so son like a buffalo yeah that's more like that call of duty one where you respawn after you died you can get different weapons you can get snipers you can get an assault rifle you can get a pistol and I think

you have to have like you have to be registered to get SMGs and other things, but I mean it's good you also get a Cool acts like a pickaxe. It's small. I can act, actually, and you can, yeah, smash people with it. A good tip from me would be not to stay still in this game because there is some campus just ready to snipe you, and yep shooting is hard for me because I'm not okay, but yeah, there are some like controls that you can swap in the settings or like graphics sounds.

whatever you want if you're a pro gamer and need better things to play with, so yeah, it's an awesome game like sometimes it is laggy thanks Billy, but you can jump you can Crouch you can do everything you can in most shooter games apart from like build and other things that are unique to additional game time for many of that so yeah my rating for this one is good because of the cool shooter games are blocked

Usually, well, I mean that generally blocked, so yeah, this is a cool addition to our top 5. I've stopped games for school, and yeah, I'll be doing many of these throughout the year, so be looking out for them because I will be updating. I will be trying to find better-unblocked games, and I will always play in school like you.

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