How To Get A Free Moshi Monsters Membership- 2021


What are the Moshi Monsters?

Moshi Monsters is a unique online game that targets pre-teens. In Moses Monsters, users can adapt their own pet monsters from a variety of different species.

Mosa Monster was launched back in 2007 and quickly became the user base of 55 million accounts. From here users will nurture their monsters as they will play various games to earn Rocks which is the online currency of Musa Monsters.

Moses Monsters has gained a lot of online success in the market for competitive kids' online games as it has turned into other products including music, books, toys, games, and even trading cards.

Free Moshi Monsters subscription:

The easiest and safest way to subscribe to your free Moses Demon members is to register for a prize. Preserve has been providing free subscriptions to gamers since 2007 and is the most trusted website to claim free subscriptions to various games (including Moses Monster).


Just finish surveys, watch videos, play games, register for websites, and compete to get your subscription to Moses Monsters.

How to get your free membership to Moshi Monsters:

  • Register your account at and go to the Earnings section to start earning points to redeem the free Moshi Monster membership.
  • Once you get enough points for your $ 10 prepaid visa, go to the Rewards section and redeem your prize. After receiving your prize you will receive a code to log in to the Moshi Monsters website.
  • To make the most of it, log in to your Moshi Monsters account, click on the 'Subscription' tab and select the Monthly option.
  • Next time choose a visa as your payment method and copy the code you receive from Prize Rebel and enter it in the box, you will be credited instantly with the 1 month Moshi Monsters membership!

Benefits Of A Moshi Monster Membership:

  • Moshi Passport: Access only to VIP territories (ports, gift islands, and discos).
  • Extended friends list: Now you can add friends of your choice.
  • Become a Super Moses: Get exclusive missions and items.
  • Art Submissions: Monster members can submit art submissions to the Guggenheim Gallery.
  • More Home and Home Styles: Unlock fun and unique house or home styles.
  • Mosquito Zoo: Access this exclusive area and attract very rare mosquitoes.
  • Colorama !: Change your giant color whenever you want.
  • Extra Rocks: Moses members have access to the famous Rocks Treaty.

With all these benefits, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the Sign-up for Prize Rebel and subscribe to your own free Moshi Monster members now. Or try this huge list of games like Moses Monsters instead.

Tired of playing Moses Monsters without a membership? Claim your own free Moshi Monster membership now to access the premium and exclusive membership benefits of Moshi Monsters.

Thanks to the prizes I have been able to play the free Moses Monsters for over a year with membership. I couldn’t be happier and created this page about how to upgrade their accounts with other Moshi Monster players for free (to get a free prepaid Visa card) with other Moshi Monster players.

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